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china railway baoji bridge group co., ltd, whose predecessor is baoji bridge plant founded in 1960s' in the 20th century, is an industrial enterprise composed of the part of shenyang bridge plant and shanhaiguan bridge plant moved to baoji according to the then national strategic guideline of strenthening industrial bases in the rear areas. prepared to construct in 1965 and ultimately completed in 1970, it is the subordinated enterprise of the capital construction bureau of the ministry of railways (mor). in 1990, the mor capital construction bureau was changed to china railway engineering corporation (crec), and baoji bridge plant was correspondingly changed to be the subordinated enterprise of crec. in 2001, according to the requirement of establishing modern enterprise system, initiated by crec and approved by the state economic and trade commission, the stock company was established on may 23, 2001 based on the operating net assets of the original baoji bridge plant. on march 18, 2009, china railway baoji bridge group co., ltd was established.

original look of factory site of crbbg in 1960's

habitation and office of the capital construction staff of the day

construction of special railways

the first furnace of steel

factory gate in 1970's

factory gate in the beginning of 1980's

factory gate at the end of 1980's

company aeroview in 1991

company gate in 2009

crbbg gate now

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